How Does it Work?

How it works:
  1. After sign-ups have ended, you will receive a mailing list. You will never have more than 10 doodles to produce - keeping the number per group small makes this a less daunting task.
  2. Produce at least one piece of original doodle art at 2.5" x 3.5" for each person in your group. The size is standard ATC trading card size, so we want to make sure we stick with this!
  3. Mail one to each person on your mailing list (make sure your doodle art is protected)
  4. Wait for your doodles to come in the mail!

What qualifies as a doodle? Is there a theme?
Each doodle card is meant to be doodle/illustration/sketch based. Other elements are welcome, but the over-all concept is drawing/doodling. Please do not photocopy or laser/inkjet your entries. We want each person to come away with several tiny original pieces of art! The reason these works of art are tiny and the groups are small is so that this will be a manageable and fun activity! Check the flickr group for examples of what others have done in the past.

  • Where as making duplicates electronically is off limits, feel free to find a by hand "production line" method to producing your cards.
  • Each doodle can be the same or each one can be different - that is entirely up to you!
  • Your work can be as simple or elaborate as you feel you have time to produce.
  • You can produce extra cards and organize "insider trading" with other members in the other group if you would like to do so.
  • Feel free to add contact information or doodle information on the back of your doodle art.
  • If you cannot participate, please let me know ASAP! Even if it's the week before drop date we can re-route the doodlers that were meant to swap to you.
  • Please have your doodles in the mail by the mail-out date!
  • Don't forget to scan your doodles and add them to the flickr pool! 
  • Check the blog for updates! 
  • If you do not deliver on your doodles, you cannot participate in the next round! Please be considerate of others in your group who have put a lot of effort into their doodles.